Hellstar Christ T-Shirt Black


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  • Hooded
  • Mild Cotton
  • Kangaroo pocket
  • Custom-milled fleece fabric
  • Vintage wash
  • Graphic on front and sleeves
  • Gel screen print detailing
  • Slightly oversized fit
  • Made in USA
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Hellstar Christ T-Shirt Black

This hoodie is like your cozy style statement. They make it with this special fleece that’s all custom-made. Imagine the softest, comfiest thing – that’s what this is. They don’t stop there, though. The Hellstar hoodie gets this cool vintage look from a wash and a spray. Now, picture a skull – not spooky, just stylish – painted on the front and sleeves. It’s done with an airbrush, giving it that extra touch. The details on the graphic are like, “Wow, that’s cool!” And guess what? It’s a bit bigger than your usual fit – not too much, just enough to feel laid-back. So, if you’re into being comfy, looking cool, and feeling a bit chill, this hoodie is pretty much your go-to.


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